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Planning a trip

Use our Itinerary Generator, an intelligent travel planner that crafts a comprehensive trip schedule tailored to your preferences. Simply input your destination, duration, and interests, and the Itinerary Generator will create a step-by-step guide.

Looking for the "best of" or recommendations for a location

Check out our Locality Explorer, which provides insights into local attractions, culture, cuisine, and hidden gems, helping you experience a place like a local rather than a tourist.

Not sure where to go for your next trip?

Use our Destination Generator, where you can input your travel preferences, such as climate, activities, budget, and more, and the AI tool will suggest a perfect destination for your next adventure.

Just exploring

Explore freely! Use our Curated City Pages to discover hidden gems or scroll down for more information on our tools.
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Explore our AI trip planner tools to learn how we can simplify your travel


Locality Explorer

Learn more about a destination
You want detailed and curated information about a specific location

Good for:
If you're on a trip or in a city and you want to know what to do now
You're looking for the top-rated restaurants, bars, events, or attractions to visit for any occasion
Conducting research on a destination for a trip, such as top activities for such occasion

Learn more about a destination


Itinerary Generator

Build your personalized itinerary

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You want to build a personalized trip itinerary for a specfic destination(s)

Good for:
Planning a daily itinerary for a trip
You want to personalize the trip to your preferences (i.e. solo-trip, romantic getaway, honeymoon, food-oriented trip, etc.)
The duration of your trip will span multiple days

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Build your personalized itinerary

Check out a quick tutorial of how to use the Itinerary Generator 👇
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Destination Generator

Use our Destination Generator
You need help choosing a destination for your trip

Good for:
You don't know where you want to go for a trip, but you know what kind of trip you want to take

Use our Destination Generator
Travel Itinerary Homepage

So...tell me again, how does this AI trip planner actually work?


Step 1: Choose Your Destination

Not sure where you want to go? Try our Destination Generator to find the best location for your trip.

If you already have a place in mind, browse our collection of Curated Cities packed with fun activities. Here, you can craft your own itinerary!


Step 2: Personalize Your Itinerary

Explore our Personalized Itinerary Generator. Just input your trip preferences, and our tool will craft a personalized AI trip itinerary for you in seconds!

For those looking to delve deeper into specifics, our Locality Explorer tool offers detailed insights on the best spots and activities for any given location.


Step 3: Save and Share

Once you're satisfied, you can download, share, or print your personalized itinerary. Want to revisit it later? Simply save it to your account!

Step 4: Need Expert Help?

Need a little extra help planning? Or want a more personalized touch? Contact our trip planning experts and we will get you all set for your next trip!

Search our curated cities to start planning your trip

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